Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 17

I love cleaning, except Chewie has this annoying habit of tipping his water bowl over and then rolling in it. So I have to walk behind him and clean all the water he drips off. He's so fat and chubby though, so I can't stay mad at him for long.

Michael and I went grocery shopping this afternoon and he rudely bought some Oreo Cookies. One thing about this fast being easier than I imagined is the fact that we haven't had delicious treats around, but now the enemy has entered my domain. And not only are they Oreo's, they're DOUBLE STUFFED Oreo's. I was really tempted to eat one this afternoon, but then I remembered that I only have 4 days left...

Which brings me to my next topic: I HAVE 4 DAYS LEFT!!!! It really hasn't been that bad when I look back. I've had some moments where I really wanted desserts, but that was mainly because I kept looking at the dessert pictures on Pinterest. Bad idea in retrospect. I'm going to try and make a goal that I'll only eat a dessert once a week. Except for when I'm on my period... or before my period... which means I'll restrict myself to a dessert a day. At least I'm being healthy half the month... right?

I found this song on youtube while I was being weird and searching for Hunger Games stuff:

Love it.

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